Champagne, cheeky gifts, sexy outfits, selfies with your best friends.  

A boudoir bachelorette party is an alternate party option that gives the bride AND the bridesmaids something to keep and cherish. We can host it in our cozy studio space for a small bridal party or on location in your own home for a bit larger party.

Each girl will get 15 minutes individually to shoot wearing whatever they wanted (lingerie, regular clothes, etc.) plus the group shots. The bride will get an extended private session (3 outfits). Now, not every girl is forced to do a session, they can just come and enjoy the party, but I guarantee by the end of the party everyone will be trying it out!

You can bring food, wine, drinks, and your own flair to the party. Sometimes bridesmaids will even give the bride a special lingerie gift for her wedding night, which she can open at the party and incorporate into her photos. We can schedule your party in the daytime, and end in early evening so you can all go to dinner somewhere feeling fabulous after your shoot or maybe late morning into the early afternoon for a fabulous party with Mimosas, Munchies, and Mascara! 

Does this sound like something that interests you?  Give us a call today and we can set something up.

  Below is a breakdown of costs and what is included:

 * The cost of a party is $350 (up to 6 girls - $50 per additional guest).  This includes the time of the photographer, each girls' mini session, and the bride's extended session.  Typically, the bridesmaids will split the party fee evenly and the bride does not pay anything. (However, it’s your choice on how you want to split payments).   Any photos the girls wish to purchase will be a la carte.  The bride will receive an 8x10 group photo and a $25 credit towards prints from her session that she may want to give as a gift for her groom or just keep for herself.

All photos will be available in a private viewing gallery on my website which is password protected.  Your photos are private and for your eyes only.  Photos that you see on my website or social media sites are at the consent of the parties.

 * If you would like to do a BYO (bring your own) beverages and snacks you are free to do so, or we can have it catered for you, for an additional charge.

 * Average party length is 3-4 hrs, and can be longer if more than 6 girls attend.

* A makeup artist can be provided for an additional charge (and is highly suggested!) I work with the beautiful Debra Ann - if you want to look her up and her work here is her link on Facebook: 

 * A fun group shot at the end is always included! I suggest planning a cute outfit for all to wear for this shot, such as maybe bridesmaid’s tanks with jeans;  robes and slippers;  or maybe even cute corsets/bras and tulle skirts for a real princess/girly look.

Overall, this will be something unique and fun and will make great memories.

If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to answer them.