First Comes Love…then comes marriage…then comes a beautiful baby!

October 06, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Love knows no boundaries; love is color blind; love knows no religion; love knows no gender difference; love is love.  I saw nothing more evident of this love then in the faces, the smiles, and the eyes of the expectant couple I was honored to photograph this past weekend.  The love in the room and on location was purely evident in their faces and in the air around us that afternoon.

When you were in the presence of these two beautiful people, you couldn’t help but feel the love between them and the love they felt for this little bundle in mommies belly.  The smile on their faces; the way daddy whispered to the baby; the way they placed their hands on the belly as if to say “…it’s okay we are here,” and the oh so touching serenade he played for them in the whisper of an Autumn afternoon.  The colors, the love, the cool fresh air, and rustic feel of the location – all of this, along with my vision, tied in to tell a beautiful story of love and life.

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