Looking back on 2014...a journey of new adventures and a new found passion for the faces of life!

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Looking back on 2014, I realized how funny life works. A few years ago, after taking pictures for events that I planned and some positive feedback,  I added Event Photography to my business.  Photography, up to this point, was just a lifelong hobby and passion of mine and something that was always a part of my life, but nothing I would consider sharing with more than just family.  However, with the invent of Social Media, I began to share this passion of mine with the world and found a way to incorporate it into my small business.  

When I started Event Photography I found it to be fun, exciting, and off the cuff and it seemed to be the right  match for my personality.  Plus, it matched my love for event planning so it just came naturally.  However, living and working in Northeast Pennsylvania,  I soon  realized that Portrait Photography was the business to be in if I wanted to make any money, but it still never interested me enough to take that plunge.  All the posing of people; fake backdrops or finding the "right" location for a backdrop; new equipment, liability insurance, more taxes,  "touching up" of photos, going back to the classroom to keep up with this new digital world and its wonders; just so many new expenses.  Well.... I just didn't think that was the direction I wanted to head into with my business.  I was content with planning events and taking pictures at them.

Well, of course, as life sometimes does - things took a different turn.  I was asked to do my first Senior Pictures.  My sister's daughters were graduating from High School and they loved the work I did and asked if I can do their Senior Pictures for them.  Again, NOT my thing, but as a photographer and someone who loves people, I thought why not...I will give it a try and see how it goes.  If it doesn't work out she can always go some place else ( I wasn't going to charge her) and since she is family maybe less pressure?    Anyway, I was nervous and spent five hours traipsing these girls all over the creation trying to get the "right" shot!  God love them for they were troopers and in the end I think everything turned out well and we got some great shots and they were happy.  But, something else happened during this new "venture" with the girls, I actually fell in love with people all over again, but in a different way.  When I went back and reviewed my shots, I looked at my pictures differently this time.  I saw a different story unfolding and one that I wanted to tell again and again.  I fell in love with the human face- something I haven't felt since my early photography days in high school.  That moment, I knew I was forever hooked and my business took a whole new direction that day.   I still love taking pictures at events, but my portfolio is looking a lot different these days- Senior Pictures, Maternity, and  Engagements, oh my!  Event Photography will always be a favorite of mine, but now a new passion has developed and with this new foray into the Newborn realm, well, I can't seem to stop falling in love with the human face and love and life itself!

As I look back at 2014, I want to thank my past and future clients for choosing to take this journey with me and trusting me with your life moments and for believing in me and loving my work.  There is nothing like the feeling of sharing your passions with the world and the world actually getting it and wanting to take the ride with you.

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and one filled with peace, hope, and always love.  See you in 2015 and get ready for more exciting things to come - I know I can't wait! 

                                                                                         PEACE and LOVE,





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