Walking in a Winter Wonderland...

December 01, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As the cold air filters in and the ground is dusted in white, we see that the colors of days gone by have now turned to grey. Yet amongst all the dull greys,  blacks and whites, lies a simple beauty...one of peace, love and serenity.  It is the pine trees turn to stand out as a lone survivor...one of the sturdy ones. Whilst other trees lose their beauty, the mighty Pine shines in all its greenery.  The animals of the forest are scurrying about gathering their food and putting on their Winter coats, while some nestle down for a long Winter's nap.  

With the Winter, comes Holiday lights to brighten the dark nights; the hustle and bustle of shoppers gathering in the streets; the air filling with song from nearby churches; bells ringing; and laughter from children echoing through the air as snowball fights and sleigh rides ensue.  Winter is also a time for love and romance.  Sitting by the fire at night; strolling through the snowy wooded trails during the day; a warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate with tiny little marshmallows; the smell of home cooked meals; and the comforts of home.  

To me, Winter can be a lover's paradise or a families excuse to get closer together and create some warm memories.  So, whatever your reason for the Season, gather up your loved ones, put on your warm Winter coats,  and take a stroll with me into this lovely, romantic and beautiful, Wintery Wonderland of snow.





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