Winter Interlude meets Cinema Paradiso...

December 02, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

As I have said before, there is something about the first snowfall and early signs of winter that make you want to fall in love….

This is exactly how I felt a few weeks ago when I met a beautiful young couple to capture their love story.  After a few emails back and forth and a brief conversation, I immediately fell in love with Kaitlyn and Frankie’s story.  So we set off on a journey of history, warmth, nature, and most importantly love.  As I took that first picture, I knew by looking through my lens that this day was going to be wonderfully romantic!

Despite the chill in the air, things warmed up pretty quickly as we walked around the grounds of a beautiful estate rich in history.  There was still a hint of color to be found among the casts of grey and white.  Remnants of the first snowfall from days before still lingering along the pathways, on the tree branches, and on top of a beautiful old covered bridge we found nestled away deep within the woods.  The love you saw in this couple's eyes as they looked at each other was so cute and so special I couldn't help but be taken in and just kept shooting.   As we walked down the wooded paths, one noticed how eerily beautiful the woods were and as they walked ahead of me hand in hand, it was the perfect picture.  A year- young married couple out for a stroll with their "fur" babies in hand,  silently sharing in the moment.  As we approached an opening, one can see a serene pond ahead which was starting to freeze over from the cold, an old covered bridge, and an abundance of trees.  It was quiet, breathtakingly beautiful, and oh so romantic! 

Once we snapped a few pictures and took in the scenery, we took a long walk back through the woods to our warm cars.  But the day wasn’t over yet, because I still had one more location I wanted to take the couple to grab a few last pictures. So I thought to myself, after chatting with the couple who I understood where avid movie goers, what would be a better way to warm up from the cold then arm in arm with the one you love, some warm buttered popcorn, a little laughter, and a lot of love.  I couldn’t have planned a better ending to a beautiful day with such a romantic and loving couple.   Happy Anniversary! JS-FAM_40JS-FAM_40





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