Fairies, Family, Fantasy, and Fun

August 16, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Yesterday, my family and I decided to enjoy the weather in the backyard and build a Fairy House.  My boyfriend is very handy with wood so his job was to construct the door, window, and fence, while my daughter and I collected moss, sticks, and rocks to decorate it.   We walked through the woods, along the creek, talking, and laughing and just enjoying the day.  Life really can be beautiful.

After we finally had our house the way we wanted, minus broken wood pieces and a giant spider invading our space, we added the final touch – fairies – Disney Fairies that is!  We put them here, there, and everywhere and had so much fun pretending on what they would be saying as they explored their new home.  Of course, being a photographer, I couldn’t resist taking a few pictures.

If you have a daughter, I highly recommend this project be added to your list of things to do together.  It is not only fun to create an imaginary world, but it is good quality bonding time while you go on a scavenger hunt for materials and talk about life.




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