Summer Camp Goes to War…Color Wars that is!

August 11, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Meatballs…Camp Fred…Little Darlings…just a few old school camp movies that come to my mind at the moment.  Do you remember these?  Movies filled with cool kids, dorky kids, the “more experienced” boys and girls, the shy, and well the just plain comedic camper. There are food fights, swim practices, games, nature walks, canoeing, and various other outdoor activities. Summer Camp is a once a year – three month long event – and one that not only encourages a child to “get involved” but also teaches them how to gain confidence and make new friends.

Well, this week Summer Camp is coming to an end and for my daughter and other kids around the Country, it means saying farewell to Summer and time to get ready for back to school.  Before they say farewell though, most campers spend the last week of camp in a bit of a competitive event.  The week can be comprised of tug of war, archery, races, forts, tether ball, and just plain dragged out rivalry among the masses –  what I’m talking about is what they call Color Wars!  For those who don’t know, Color Wars is when you have the kids split into groups and then assigned a “color” which is worn in the form of a t-shirt, a headband, or even face paint.  These kids spend the week competing in events against each other and then in the end the overall high scoring team is designated as the winner of the Color Wars.  Exciting stuff, right?!

As a camper, this week is comprised of a bit of competitive rivalry, teamwork, and fun.  As a parent, this week also signifies a time of bruised knees, bruised egos, and lots of dirty laundry.  I am as prepared as any parent I guess for this end of Summer event and one that has been a long standing tradition for centuries in the world of Summer Camp.  Along with the other parents, I will get through this week encouraging my child, medicating her bruises, and boosting her bruised ego while cheering her on along the way…go white!  


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