Fear, Tragedy, Confusion, Loss of life: The awakening of a smalltown community

September 22, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Sometimes in life we encounter events in our lives that are not all that beautiful or happy or joyous, but leave a mark on our memory in another sort of way. Today, in my Blog, I’m going to talk about one of those events happening today in Northeast Pennsylvania.

People continue to amaze me in life, but never shock me. Since working in the field that I do, and seeing and hearing the things that I do every day, plus not to mention my personal experiences, they have all prepared me for life’s downside. I have become a realist in my older age – not the dreamer and optimist I used to be.   I have seen the side of life that is not pretty, a daunting reminder every day that there are people out there who seek to hurt others. Whether it be for their own personal gain; a way at getting back at life for disappointing them; out of an act of “passion,” or for many other reasons we will never understand, but some people just know no other way to handle life then to turn against it.

For the past week or so, such a person has been wandering the woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania, putting a community in fear, in lockdown, and at unrest. All because someone has decided that another’s life was not worth living, if neither was his own.  Now, I am not God, so I cannot judge another, and I truly live by the motto that one cannot judge another unless he has walked in their shoes, however, I hope that for everyone’s sake this person is apprehended soon, by one way or another, so that if not by a Court of law, then God can be his judge and jury and punisher.

This is nothing new, tragic life events like this one have been happening for centuries, in the smallest towns, the largest cities, and all over the Globe, but as always, when it hits your “hometown” – a usually quiet community, you can’t help but feel drawn into its reality.

I say today, may God bless the families effected by a tragedy like this one– both the family of the victims and the criminals. As onlookers or minor participants in such events, yes, our lives are disrupted; we feel sadness; confusion; and maybe fear, but those families are the ones effected the most, for they have to wonder every day why – why my son, my brother, my dad, my husband, my friend.



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