Before Dawn

June 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Before Dawn...

The early morning hours where everything seems to stand still.  One of the quietest moments of the day.  The smells of freshly brewing coffee arising from the kitchen.  A gentle Summer breeze coming through the window.  Stretching out each limb before you arise, only to fall back into the comforts of your soft, freshly washed white sheets and blankets for that one last moment of contentment.  

There is a woman who sits by her window waiting...longing for him - her soldier - her husband -  to come home from another tour of duty.  She thinks to herself...six months seems like a lifetime, but only one more month to go.  Her thoughts get lost in the silence as she runs her fingers through her hair.  She wonders if he is thinking of her too. she waits.  Before Dawn.


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