One, Two, Three Strikes you're out at the old ball game....

July 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

As the month of July is rounding the last stretch and I am sitting here getting some pictures ready to be sent to the printer for a very special family, I am reminiscing about the month we are leaving behind.  

With July comes the celebration of Independence; the sounds of children laughing and playing outdoors; skies lit up in a beautiful array of color and sparkle; the smells of hotdogs and hamburgers and chicken on the grill; and in the distance someone yelling "...strike three, you're out!"  Whether it be at a Major or Minor League game or at the local Little League Field, there is something about sitting at a game that really makes you feel...well, American.    Nothing screams Summer in America to me more then sitting in the bleachers with a hotdog, watching a good game, and the red, white, and blue flying overhead. So when I was preparing for a photo shoot of some adorable children in their softball uniforms, and really wanting to do something different then just out in the field or behind home plate - a lot of photographers would be doing that anyway - I came across a really cool idea.  Why not put them in front of an American flag.  So into the studio we went with this crazy idea and with the hope that the pictures would portray the look I wanted people to see.   I am very pleased with the results and just wanted to share with you a little "in studio" look that I conjured up to celebrate our love for our children and for America.





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