The Music of the Night: A Love Story with a Twist

July 29, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

"...if I shall be saved, it is because your love redeems me..."


For years, I have listened to the music, watched the Broadway Show, the remake in the movies, and fell in love with the Phantom and for years I wondered...what if Christine chose HIM instead.   So, for the past few years I dreamed of one day bringing my version of the story to life through my passion for photography.   Taking pictures since I held my first camera at 9 years old, I have always used my pictures to express my feelings, my desires, my loves and my art.  So when a few months ago a dear creative friend and I were talking about our loves and fears and life - I asked her if she and her love would be my muse?  Well, to my joyfulness they said yes and the rest was history.  The planning began and the fantasies were cast and the scene was set - and the magic happened.

After years of a vision and months of planning, the dream became a reality.   Thank you to this beautiful couple who threw caution to the wind and gave up their own insecurities in front of the camera and just went with it!  I couldn't have asked for a better couple more suited for this "role" or to tell this timeless love story. Instead of a sad ending for the Phantom, I decided to bring him out from the darkness and into the light...if even only for just one day!

Peace and Love,





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