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"Aging has a wonderful beauty, and we should have respect for that..." Eartha Kitt

When I was approached by Patricia to photograph her for some promo shots for a new adventure she was undertaking, I was flattered.  When we met in person I was even more excited because Patricia was not only beautiful and outgoing and such a fun person to be around, but I couldn't help but notice that this over 60 woman put a lot of 30 year old women I met to shame.  Not only was she flexible and in great shape (she is a Yoga Instructor after all), but she was so full of life!  She had such a great passion for life, love, music, and the world around her and for her craft.  (By the way, I tried one of her classes and loved it! )  

For this shoot, I wanted to showcase who she was as a woman and bring out her inner personality in the pictures.  My Branding Sessions are all about showcasing the women behind the business.  I believe if you know who the person is, it will help appeal to the right target market for that particular business/service. 

The day of our shoot was very cold and breezy, so we did a few shots in my Loft in Dunmore.  Then after some basic portraits, she asked if we can do a few outdoor shots.   While it was cold, I was always up to whatever ideas my clients threw at me so we took it outside for a few  fun shots.  Patricia amazed me again, not deterred at all by the weather outside, and at one point even took her boots off to feel the cool waters with her toes.  The shoot was just so much fun and full of life.

So, after photographing Patricia, I knew I wanted to share some photos from her Session so that other women might see that age is just a number and to embrace it - go with it - agonize over it at times, yes - but in the end let it go and just be you! Patricia is a good role model for all women, especially those over a certain age, that no matter the years that go by - if you are able - get up each day and breathe it in and live it.  For then, your beauty can't help but shine!


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